Can I Build Storage Units On My Land?

Have a large yard and want to turn it into a small storage business? This video gives you a bite of everything you need to know about whether you can build storage units on your land to rent out for money.


Hi there, welcome back to Flex TV. My name is Hope and I will be answering all of your storage related questions. Today’s question comes to us from Brittany who wants to know, can I build storage units on my land? Now this is something a lot of people wanna know if you have a big piece of property, you have nothing to do in your backyard and you just wanna make some extra cash, it might be a good idea. The answer is of course quite complicated when it comes to these things. First of all, there might be specific zoning issues. You don’t know if you’re living in a strictly residential zone or maybe you have a mixed zoning permit and then you’d be able to do it. It really depends on the state laws and the county laws where you are living. So you have to make sure. Of course, this is complicated. When it comes to a business, you have to make sure. Speak to your HOA, speak to a representative on behalf of your county to find out what the county laws are specifically where you live. And most important thing is really do the checking before committing to this long-term expensive process. Don’t get started before you know all of the basic facts. Another really good option, if you wanna make some money off of storage but you don’t wanna go into this whole zoning issues, construction situation, there are some websites that will actually allow you to rent out your existing space like a garage, an attic, or even an extra room for your neighbors to store their stuff in. They will be paying on a monthly basis, usually through the website you go to, and they will handle all the billing, insurance, and legal issues so that you don’t have to. That might be a better idea, Brittany, if you wanna just get started out and see how much money you can make easily. I hope I answered your question. Thank you so much for sending it over.

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