Can I share my storage unit with someone else?

In this episode, our storage expert, Hope, tackles the question: ‘Can I share my storage unit with someone else?’ Join us in exploring the possibilities and considerations when it comes to sharing a storage space with friends, neighbors, or family, shedding light on the rules, benefits, and potential challenges of co-sharing a storage unit.

Today we have a question from Melissa who wants to know, can I share my storage unit with someone else? Now that’s a good question. Sometimes we have very little items to store and maybe we know a friend or another family member who also wants to store. We look at the prices and we realize that getting one big unit can often be much cheaper than getting two small ones. So in this kind of event, you’d maybe wanna share. That makes a lot of sense. So Melissa, basically, yes, you can share your storage unit with someone else. There are, however, a few things you’d like to keep in mind. Number one, if you’re using movers to bring your stuff into storage and you have two different pickup addresses, you’re still gonna be charged by the movers for the extra address. So keep that in mind. They don’t care if you’re sharing a unit. It’s still gonna cost just as much. Second thing, and this is the most important thing, is that usually, a storage facility will take a single contact to have on file. Meaning, if your name is listed as the customer with the facility, then you are liable and responsible for the storage unit. So if there’s anything stored that’s not allowed to be stored, like anything illegal or something on the list of prohibited items, you are going to be held responsible. Also, if there’s any damage to the unit as part of your contract, They’re going to contact the main point of contact, whoever is listed as the primary customer. So definitely keep that in mind. The last thing you want to do if you’re sharing a unit is make sure you organize it in a smart way that allows you to find and access your items easily. So you want to keep your stuff separate. Maybe have one side for their items and another side for yours. Plan it in a smart way. label your stuff in a very clear way so that you don’t get your stuff confused and you can easily get anything out that you need without disturbing the entire unit. So Melissa, in short, yes you can share a storage unit with someone else. Just make sure you’re aware that you are going to be liable for the contents. Whoever is listed as the customer is the one that’s responsible for whatever might arise during your storage period.

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