Can Storage Units Have Bed Bugs?

The last thing we want when we store our belongings is to have them be returned to us with uncalled guests! Find out how to avoid pests in your unit.


Hi there, welcome to Flex TV. My name is Hope and I will be answering all of your storage related questions. And today we have a question from Lily. What Lily wants to know is whether storage units can have bed bugs in them. Creepy stuff, but of course a lot of us wanna know when we store our things somewhere, we entrust our belongings somewhere else, we want them to be safe. And part of being safe is staying clean and pest free. So of course this might be an issue in several locations, you have to be really aware. Go to the facility, make sure it’s clean and up to your standard. Ask them about their pest control policy, especially if you’re going to be storing mattresses, couches, textiles, which could be extremely susceptible. And we’re not only talking about bed bugs, it could be roaches, moths, anything like that. Make sure your facility does pest control on a regular basis. What I personally recommend is to go with facilities who clean between tenants just to make sure. And of course, before you move all of your precious, precious belongings into your new unit, take a look around really well, try to see that it’s clean and up to par before you move your stuff in. There’s nothing that sucks more than getting your stuff back from a facility and then you have a bunch of new guests in your home that you never wanted in the first place. So in conclusion, Lily, it really depends on the place. You wanna make sure the place is clean, talk to the facility manager, see what their policy is on pest control, and just make sure everything is clean before you move your stuff in so you can avoid this pesky problem. I hope I answered your questions.

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