Can you put a portable storage unit on grass?

Thinking about placing a portable storage unit on your lawn but not sure if it’s a good idea? This episode dives into the dos and don’ts of setting up a portable storage unit on grass. We’ll explore how to protect your lawn from potential damage and discuss alternative solutions for those without a driveway or […]

Can you put a portable storage unit on grass? Now Celia, if you know that you need portable storage, you want to keep it at your place, but you don’t have a driveway, or maybe you don’t have the proper space for it, perhaps you’re worried about your garden. Either way, here is the answer to your question. So, I’m going to divide my answer into two aspects. The technical aspect and the legal aspect of placing a portable storage unit on your lawn. Technically, as long as you have the space, convenient access and level ground, the portable storage provider will have no problem placing the container on your grass, on your lawn or on the designated area on your property. However, if you have a nice garden, you have a nice bit of grass and you’re worried about it, you are for good reason. Placing containers directly on your grass can actually damage your grass quite a bit, especially if you’re storing for a long period of time and it’s going to be there for a while. Not only can it crush your grass, but also prevent you from watering it and thereby causing damage. Now when it comes to the legal question, different areas, different cities have different regulations and so this needs to be checked. Not only do you need to check with your city, but also if you have an HOA, you’re going to want to check with them as well, that you’re allowed to keep it there on your property and how long you’re allowed to do it for. So, in conclusion, getting a portable storage unit and putting it on your grass can definitely have its downside. It can possibly ruin your grass and it can even be a problem in terms of your city or HOA regulations. A good way to solve this is to take a portable storage company that uses a different kind of units. Kind of like Flex. At Flex Storage, all of our units are portable and on wheels. So not only are they lawn safe, will not crush your grass, and will allow you to even continue watering as scheduled, but they will also be HOA compliant and friendly and they won’t be any trouble no matter where you want to place them on your property.

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