Do I need a permit for a moving container?

Wondering if you need a permit to have a moving container on your property? This episode explains all about understanding where and what type of permits you might need for portable storage units and how to acquire them. We’ll guide you through the typical scenarios where a permit might be necessary, such as placing the […]

Do I need a permit for a moving container? Now, if you are moving, and you’re getting a moving container, but you need a few hours or even a few days to load it, you need somewhere to put it in the process. So, what do you need? Is it a permit? Are there certain regulations? How do you know what you’re allowed and not allowed to do? So it depends on where you live. Some cities do issue specified permits for use of public areas in the city for containers or anything else. If you’re taking up a public parking space or putting a container on the street, some cities require a permit for that. That will be called either an ROW, a right-of-way permit, or a street-use permit, depending on where you live. So you want to check that before booking your unit. On the other hand, if you happen to want to store the container for the duration of loading on your property, like if you have a driveway, or if you can keep it in your lawn, then no, you don’t need a permit. This is your private property, private area, and as long as you’re clearing it out quickly, there should be no problem placing it on your own property, as opposed to public city areas. So, in conclusion, it’s very, very important before doing any booking of portable storage units or moving containers that you check your local laws and regulations. You will either find specific parking regulations, such as when, where, and for how long you’re allowed to keep a container in public areas, or you will be in an area that does require a permit, in which case you can get that from your city.

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