What Happens To Abandoned Storage Units?

What if someone is behind on their monthly rental payments for their storage unit? Who do the contents legally belong to and under what circumstances could that change? Watch this episode to find out.


So today we have a question from Jill and what Jill wants to know is what happens to abandoned storage units? Now that’s a really good question. You might want to know because you may be behind on payments, or you may have some sort of emergency that makes you not be able to pay in time in the future. And you want to know what’s going to happen to your stuff in such an event. so Jill the basic answer is if you’re going to be late on your payments to the storage facility you will start to get notices from them so this can be an email form they probably will make a few calls to you if you don’t respond right away because the storage facility they want their money too they don’t want the stuff to be abandoned so it’s not gonna be without you knowing they’re gonna do whatever they can to make sure you know that you need to pay whatever you need to pay. If, however, you are not able to settle these payments within a certain frame of time, usually around 90 days, then everything inside of your storage unit is legally transferred to the storage facility and now belongs to them. What that means is they can do whatever they want with it, whether sell it, auction it, keep it, whatever they want, because it’s theirs. So in conclusion, Jill, if you abandon your storage unit, all of the contents are going to become the legal property of the storage facility, so you really don’t want to do that obviously. You have to read your contract very carefully before you move into storage, read your rental agreement, and see how many days it takes until your belongings are legally the facilities if you hadn’t paid in time. I hope I answered your question Jill, pay your bills in time.

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