What items are prohibited from being stored in storage units?

In this episode, our storage expert, Hope, covers the question: ‘What items are prohibited from being stored in storage units?’ Tune in to discover the list of commonly prohibited items, understand the reasons behind these restrictions, and ensure you’re well-informed to responsibly and legally store your belongings.

Today we have a question from Jacob, who wants to know what items are prohibited from being stored in storage units? And that’s a good question. Of course, when we want to store something in a storage unit, we wanna know that we’re keeping the rules, that we’re not doing anything wrong, and we’re not gonna get in trouble for storing anything we’re not supposed to store. So basically, other than anything illegal, which should be fairly obvious, you know, like drugs or firearms or explosives, ammo, anything like that. There are also other things that are prohibited from storage pretty much anywhere, so pay attention. We’re talking foods or perishables, any living things including plants, animals, or any dead things of course. We’re talking flammable or combustible items are strictly prohibited. Any hazardous materials or any materials that are wet or omit a strong odor, strong smell, or anything like that that might be unpleasant. And the other thing that most people don’t consider is any kind of currency, deeds, or securities are strictly prohibited and are not supposed to be stored in any storage facility at all. Jacob, I hope I answered your question. Please store responsibly. Please pay attention to the fine print. All of these prohibited items will be on your lease, on the policy of the facility, terms and conditions. It’s very important to read these things that you don’t get in trouble and also don’t endanger your own unit or anything inside it

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