What time do storage containers get picked up?

Wondering about the pickup process for your storage container? In this episode, we unpack everything you need to know once you’re ready for the container to be taken away. Discover how to tailor the storage container pickup and delivery to your schedule. Learn how to coordinate with your storage provider to set a convenient pickup […]

What time do storage containers get picked up? Now if you booked a storage container and you’re done loading it, or maybe if you’ve ended your storage period altogether and you want the company to come pick it up, you need to know what time this is gonna happen. So firstly, you should know that container pickup and delivery is not like a garbage truck. They don’t have scheduled times where they go through each individual home and pick up or deliver their containers It actually works based on Scheduling when you’re booking your move-in or your move-out you can schedule the delivery or pickup with the provider Simply call your rep tell them what day and what time is convenient They will usually give you an operational window of between two hours to even maybe five hours where they will be picking up or delivering your container. Now sometimes it’s a lot to wait around and wait for them so you should know that you don’t even have to be present while they’re delivering or picking up your container as long as you make sure that they have proper access and everything is approved so that they can put the container where they need it to be and that they know everything that they need to know before placing it where you want it to go. However that being said I definitely personally recommend that you’re always there during pickup and delivery or have someone there on your behalf to make sure everything is done smoothly, well, legally, and that none of your property is being damaged in the process.

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