Times have

We move around more frequently and spontaneously. As a result, we need a different solution to storing our stuff. We need a solution that fits our lifestyle.

A digital, mobile and flexible way to eliminate the hassle and headache of packing, storing and accessing your belongings. A way to keep our stuff always close, always protected.

It’s not a trailer. It’s a Flex.

Nothing translates this philosophy more than the Flex Moving & Storage trailer. A new state-of-the-art portable storage unit that is effortlessly mobile, that can be maneuvered into any parking space; something ideal for the city; something that can be parked nearby and easily accessed whenever.

But we also want a storage unit that can better protect our valuable belongings; not your run of the mill tin warehouse containers. That’s why we created units that are climate monitored and weatherproof. We also rethought how people can access their units, coming up with an additional side door that makes a world of difference when loading and looking for stuff.


It’s not about storage. It’s about space and freedom. It’s about empowering people to easily live the life they’ve always dreamt of living.


Radical Flex(ability)

In today’s world, savvy consumers know it’s all about choice. Some want the A-to-Z valet experience where we handle everything, from packing to moving to storing, and even bringing it back whenever you need it.

Others like to save money and do everything on their own. Some want to store things for a short time in their driveway while renovating their house, while others want to store a few items while they move to Baja for the winter. We get it. Different people have different needs.



Flex Storage Miami is amazingly helpful, hard-working and dedicated to getting the job done! They have the best prices.

Tom Davis

I am really impressed with Flex storage. The whole process from the first phone call to loading the trailer was easy, personable and stress free.

Sylvia Maldonado

Such a convenient solution! Their units are clean and climate controlled, our stuff was conveniently kept nearby.