Moving & Storage

Discover stress-free moving and storage with Flex, where excellence meets affordability. Our dedicated team of professional drivers, packers, and loaders provide you with a smooth transition, tailored to your needs and schedule.

With Flex Moving & Storage, your belongings remain in pristine condition from start to finish, untouched by tilting, shifting, lifting, or rattling.
Welcome to the new era of moving & storage 💪

Who is the service suitable for?

  1. Don’t wanna be rushed into your move?

    With Flex Moving & Storage, you can take as much time as you need and pack with ease. Our moving & storage containers on wheels can stay on your property for as long as you want. Once you’re ready to get going, simply give us a call, and we will move your storage unit to your new place, where you can take as much time as you need to unpack until you feel at home.

  2. Stuck between homes?

    Need to move out and your next home isn’t yet ready to move into? Get a Flex Moving & Storage unit where you can safely store everything until you can move in. Your unit will follow you wherever you go.

  3. Need to declutter your home before a move?

    We’ve got you covered. Moving and storage are enough of a hassle without needing to rent a truck and go back and forth to a warehouse every time you come across more clutter you need to store. Get a Flex Moving & Storage unit that you can keep on your property for as long as you need, and will follow you to your new home with ease.

  4. Want to prepare your house for sale?

    Get your extra stuff out of the way without getting rid of it, so you can show off your home to potential buyers. Flex Moving & Storage offers end-to-end portable moving and storage services that are just what you need. Let your portable storage work for you while you take care of business.

  5. Moving to a new office?

    Flex Moving & Storage offers all-in-one portable moving and storage that will help keep your business organized while you get set up in your new workspace. Our smart & portable storage units will not only store your belongings safely, but also deliver them to any address you want once you’re ready. Relax! We got this.

Flex Storage vs Traditional Storage

Flex Storage Traditional Storage
Door-to-door pickup & delivery
Keep your storage nearby
Advanced digital security features
Optional loading service
Optional packing service
o hidden fees
No need to rent a truck
Call your stuff over anytime

Flex Storage vs Rental Trucks

  • Pro Drivers

    Let our professional team of drivers take care of the driving for you. No extra gas or truck insurance fees.

  • Personal Care

    We work around your schedule, offering more flexibility and peace of mind.

  • Seamless Storage Transitions

    No matter where you move or how long you need to store, with our smart storage units on wheels, you only need to load your things when you move in and unload them when you move out, keeping everything in the exact same condition.

  • Climate System & Advanced Security

    With Flex, you can bet on your valued belongings returning to you in perfect condition, no matter how long you’re gone. Solar-powered responsive vents, motion sensors, automated alerts and real-time GPS are just a few of the things that make our storage units the best choice for the things we love.

  • No Tilting, Shifting, Lifting, or Rattling

    Forget cranes, lifts, or hydraulic systems. Our smart trailers are designed for effortless mobility. Our drivers simply hook them up to our specialized pickups and they’re ready to go.

  • Take Your Time

    You can pack & unpack with ease. We will leave our unit at your disposal for as long as you need. Just give us a call when you want us to come pick it up.

  • Highest Cleanliness Standards

    Our moving & storage units are always kept in pristine condition. No need to worry about strange smells or leftover junk.

  • Loading & Packing Assistance

    Don’t feel like packing and carrying heavy boxes? Relax. We go this. Our team of pros can do it all for you, so you never have to lift a finger.

More Information About Our Storage Units


Unit Size

Our units come in two sizes: LARGE: 7’X14’ (98 ft2) and MEDIUM: 6’X10’ (60 ft2). For more storage space, feel free to consult with our reps.


  • Physical: Bar locks on rear & side doors, high-quality aluminum, built-in jacks, hitch lock to prevent unauthorized towing.
  • Digital: Solar-powered motion & door-entry sensors, real time GPS, automated alert system.
  • Facility: Fences, security cameras, 24/7 on-site guard.

Climate Monitoring

Each of our storage units is equipped with solar-powered temperature & humidity sensors, responsive vents for climate optimization, and fully insulated storage container. Learn more about our Smart Trailers.


Flex Storage units are lightweight, lawn-safe, and come with an easy-loading ramp and handy side door for easy access and natural light. They are effortlessly maneuverable and fit easily into any parking space or driveway.

Customer Service


Customer Service


At Flex, we understand the challenges that come with moving and storing your valuable items, and are dedicated to providing you with exceptional customer service that goes above and beyond. From your initial consultation with our team of storage experts, to customizing a tailored and budget-friendly solution that gives you more for less – we are here to make sure you have a worry-free move.

Our highly responsive Customer Service Team is committed to promptly addressing your concerns, offering expert guidance on all things moving & storage and providing the personal care and communication you deserve. Flex makes it a priority to handle your needs with utmost care, every step of the way.

Francisco, Barry, Gus moved us in plus the team that moved us out were amazing. They show up with all the tools to do the job – including wrapping our tons of art and collectibles. They are fast, efficient and because we had a week between move out and move in, Flex offers you the peace of mind that your things will only be moved once.

Stephanie C

I’d give them 11 stars if I could! Laurence was kind and professional too. Definitely recommend, more affordable than renting a 15ft truck for a few days and you can take your time within 1 month to pack it up and take it to your next place.

Patty H

Having the ability to pack at your own pace is a big plus. Flexibility in scheduling is another benefit. Pricing rounds out the package.

Cary H

The experience with Flex storage was top notch from the beginning to the end… Instead of renting a truck and having to rush my home in to it and rush it off, this made my move a lot smoother… Outstanding customer service.

Bettina F

From the initial phone call to the delivery of the unit everyone I spoke with was professional, patient with my questions, and very helpful. Outstanding customer service. Great competitive pricing… The unit is immaculately clean. I would highly recommend Avery and Flex Storage for anyone looking for moving and or storage options.

Catherine M

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