Military Storage: Discounts For Active Military Personnel & Veterans

Searching for military storage units? At Flex, we value your service. Discover our storage units that offer military discounts, and find the perfect fit for your needs.

Military Storage Units: Discounted Solutions For Active Military Personnel & Veterans

  1. On the move

    Many of you find yourself moving between bases and homes on a regular basis. What do you do if your warehouse is nowhere near your current residence, and you need to take something out of storage?

  2. Short-notice deployment

    Sometimes you get a call and have little to no time to prepare. You can’t waste any time searching for a nearby storage unit and booking your move-in, especially during high season when everything around you is already full. You need a solution that’s immediate and flexible.

  3. Your family has to pick up the slack while you’re away

    When your country comes knocking, you must answer the door. Sometimes, that means you have to pick up & leave, while your loved ones are left behind to deal with packing, loading, and storage arrangements.

  4. Worrying about your stuff

    When you store for extended periods of time or don’t even know when or where you will be taking your stuff back, security and control become a top priority in choosing your storage unit.

  5. Confusing pricing and surprise charges

    You need to know that you are getting a good deal and make sure you’re on top of your family’s monthly bills, but you don’t have time to research all the different storage units that offer military discounts, just to discover surprise charges on your final invoice.

Flex Storage vs Traditional Storage

Flex Units Traditional Storage
Climate monitored 24/7
Same day delivery
Call your items over anytime
Zero shifting and tilting
Easy to park anywhere, no truck or crane necessary
Professional loading service
Store at home or at our secure facility
Motion & door-entry sensors
Responsive ventilation system

We Appreciate Your Service: Get 10% Off and Enjoy month to month storage

  • Veteran & military storage discounts

    We salute your service, whether past or present, and want to offer you a 10% discount on all our prices, even if they’re already discounted, for life. You have our back and we will always have yours.

  • Full service packing & loading

    Make sure your family is taken care of by using our discounted packing & loading services for military personnel & veterans. When you book with Flex, your family won’t need to lift a finger.

  • A storage unit that follows you

    No matter where you deploy from or when you end up, Flex storage units are specifically designed with mobility in mind. Instead of loading & unloading every time you need to move, store your stuff in a smart unit on wheels that you can call any time, to any location.

  • Climate monitoring & advanced security

    With Flex, you can bet on your belongings returning to you in perfect condition, no matter how long you’re gone. Solar-powered responsive vents, motion sensors, automated alerts and real-time GPS are just a few of the things that make our storage units perfect for military men & women on the move.

  • Same-day delivery

    Need a storage unit right now and don’t have time to drive to the warehouse? Relax. We got this. We offer same-day military storage unit delivery that comes to your door on the double, so that you can spend your time with those who matter most.

  • Transparent pricing

    At Flex, we believe in customer-centric service, transparency, and complete flexibility. With our no commitment month-to-month storage, we guarantee you will not pay $1 more than the price on your booking confirmation.

More Information About Our Storage Units


Unit Size

Our units come in two sizes: LARGE: 7’X14’ (98 ft2) and MEDIUM: 6’X10’ (60 ft2). For more storage space, feel free to consult with our reps.


Physical: Bar locks on rear & side doors, high-quality aluminum, built-in jacks, hitch lock to prevent unauthorized towing.
Digital: Solar-powered motion & door-entry sensors, real time GPS, automated alert system.
Facility: Fences, security cameras, 24/7 on-site guard

Climate Monitoring

Each of our storage units is equipped with solar-powered temperature & humidity sensors, responsive vents for climate optimization, and fully insulated storage container. Learn more about our Smart Trailers.


Flex Storage units are lightweight, lawn-safe, and come with an easy-loading ramp and handy side door for easy access and natural light. They are effortlessly maneuverable and fit easily into any parking space or driveway.

Customer Service


Customer Service

Experience unmatched customer service
Flex is dedicated to serving military personnel & veterans with exceptional customer service. Our storage experts will provide a tailored and budget-friendly solution, ensuring a worry-free experience for you and your family. Our highly responsive Customer Service Team is committed to promptly addressing your concerns and providing expert guidance with a warm and welcoming disposition. We handle your needs with utmost care, every step of the way.
Relax. We got this.
Our office hours are 8:00am – 8:00pm every day of the week, and door-to-door deliveries are available even outside of our normal business hours

This is so far one of the best and most Affordable deals I’ve ever received for a storage unit. With such high tech temperature control and safety features and the assistance that came with it.

Edelyne E

Above and beyond with Flex Storages! Without a doubt, I would recommend this company to anyone who is looking for a piece of mind when moving or simply looking to store their items for a while.

Lorenzo H

I could not have asked for a better team to make this move easier for me, I literally did not have to lift a finger.

Bertis B

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