Storage For Seniors

At Flex, we understand that life changes as we age. Moving or downsizing in your golden years can be emotionally challenging. During these significant transitions, having A-Z service and personalized care & communication brings peace of mind.

Our Storage for Seniors is the perfect solution for seniors and their families. We offer same-day deliveries and professional full-service packing & loading services for seniors at budget-friendly prices.

Storage For Seniors: Discounts & Full Service Assistance

  1. Pricing

    If you’re on a fixed income, finding an affordable storage solution can become a real concern. You don’t always have the time or know-how to conduct effective price comparison on storage for seniors, just to discover surprise charges on your final invoice.

  2. Time Sensitivity

    Unfortunately, we don’t always have the option to plan ahead. Sometimes life throws a curveball, and we can’t afford to waste the time planning, speaking to different companies, renting trucks, and driving back and forth to the warehouse.

  3. Physical Limitations

    Growing older means we can no longer take care of it all on our own. Packing, wrapping, lifting, and loading become an even greater challenge and we don’t always have a place to turn to for help.

  4. Worrying About Your Stuff

    When you store for extended or unknown periods of time, security and control become a top priority with storage units for seniors.

  5. On-Site Storage

    Want to clear some space in your home but still have everything close by? You can have your Flex and keep it too!
    Book a unit of any size and keep it in your driveway or yard for as long as you’d like, so it’s always nearby.

  6. Complicated Booking Process

    Sometimes, searching for senior storage units at a decent price can prove every bit as frustrating as the move. You deserve personal care and communication from reps that are experts on senior storage units and will happily assist you every step of the way.

  7. Downsizing or Moving into Senior Living

    Just like we want to make sure our loved ones get the best possible care in their later years, we also need to know their precious belongings are handled with care and remain safe & sound.

  8. Access

    When accessing your stored belongings means booking an appointment according to the facility’s business hours and driving back and forth each time you need something from storage, the convenience of storage becomes a major inconvenience.

What makes Flex the best storage solution?

Flex Storage Traditional Storage
Door-to-door pickup & delivery
Keep your storage in your driveway
Advanced built-in security features
Climate-monitored 24/7
Discounted loading service
Discounted packing service
Personal care
No hidden fees
No need to rent a truck
Call your stuff over anytime, anywhere

Discover Our Senior Storage Units with a 10% Discount

  • Senior Discounts

    To show our care and appreciation, we would like to offer you a discount on monthly rent, as well as 10% off our professional packing & loading services. All you need to do is make the call, and we’ll handle the rest.

  • Same-Day Delivery

    Need a storage unit right now and don’t have time to drive to the warehouse? Relax. We got this. We offer same-day senior storage unit delivery that comes right to your door. No trucks, no driving, no hassle.

  • Full-Service Packing & Loading

    It’s time for you to be pampered and taken care of, like you deserve! Flex offers discounted packing & loading services for seniors so that you never need to lift a finger.

  • Climate System & Advanced Security

    With Flex, you can bet on your valued belongings returning to you in perfect condition, no matter how long you’re gone. Solar-powered responsive vents, motion sensors, automated alerts and real-time GPS are just a few of the things that make our storage units the best choice for the things we love.

  • Stellar Service & Personal Care

    At Flex, we believe in customer-centric service and complete transparency. Our service reps are always there to answer any questions you need and make sure you get exceptional & personal service for a budget-friendly price.

  • Your Stuff is Just a Phone Call Away

    When you store with Flex, you get a smart unit on wheels that you can call any time, to any location. Need to put something in or take something out of storage? No problem. Give us a call and your storage unit will be on its way over.

More Information About Our Storage Units


Unit Size

Our units come in two sizes: LARGE: 7’X14’ (98 ft2) and MEDIUM: 6’X10’ (60 ft2). For more storage space, feel free to consult with our reps.


  • Physical: Bar locks on rear & side doors, high-quality aluminum, built-in jacks, hitch lock to prevent unauthorized towing.
  • Digital: Solar-powered motion & door-entry sensors, real time GPS, automated alert system.
  • Facility: Fences, security cameras, 24/7 on-site guard.

Climate Monitoring

Each of our storage units is equipped with solar-powered temperature & humidity sensors, responsive vents for climate optimization, and fully insulated storage container. Learn more about our Smart Trailers.


Flex Storage units are lightweight, lawn-safe, and come with an easy-loading ramp and handy side door for easy access and natural light. They are effortlessly maneuverable and fit easily into any parking space or driveway.

Customer Service


Customer Service


At Flex, we care deeply about seniors and are here to provide exceptional service and storage solutions that cater to your specific needs. Our storage experts will create a personalized and affordable plan, ensuring a worry-free experience for you and your loved ones. Whenever you have questions or concerns, our friendly Customer Service Team is just a call away, ready to assist you with a warm and welcoming smile. Relax and leave it to us. You’re in good hands.

We understand that life doesn’t always follow a schedule, so our office is open from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm every day of the week. And if you need door-to-door deliveries outside of our regular business hours, we’ve got you covered. At Flex, we’re dedicated to serving you whenever you need us. You can count on us to be here for you, every step of the way.

John was prompt and professional. The unit was delivered in a timely fashion and was clean and gave us the exact space and flexibility we needed.

Luis Q

Great service. Great units. We had it for over three months and the items were in great condition because of the inside ventilation that it had. Dorian was easy to work with and he was great in communication and answering to any concern. I would recommend and rent again in the near future.

Elio R

I recently had the pleasure of experiencing top-notch service from Flex Storage’s delivery man, Miguel, and I cannot express enough how impressed I am with his professionalism, efficiency, and overall dedication to ensuring a seamless delivery experience.

Francisco V

Julius, Barry, Jamar did an amazing job they moved us in & out, never rushed us, couldn’t do enough for us. They spent the entire day working hard and on pace. They stayed till everything was finished. They are the best and went above and beyond.

Robin I

Lawrence was prompt, professional and fast. In and out top of the line quality service. Would not go with another portable storage company. This is the one! Thank you again for your help.

Brandon F

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