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Stephanie Chiles

star star star star star

They show up with all the tools to do the job – including wrapping our tons of art and collectibles. They are fast, efficient and because we had a week between move out and move in, Flex offers you the peace of mind that your things will only be moved once (not out and in to storage). We would 100% use Flex again. So glad our broker recommended Flex.

Kristina Neitzel

star star star star star

When originally ordering our flex storage we were told to give at least a 3 days notice to make sure to secure a drop or pickup. Between the holidays and family we forgot to call and give notice. Thankfully the crew at flex storage are so helpful and amazing and with a last minute notice was able to get a pickup next morning to avoid further conflicts with our hoa. Since the very start I’ve only been met with great attitudes, smiling faces and INCREDIBLY customer service. I highly recommend them over any other competitor.

Michael Dulanto

star star star star star

We chose Flex storage and it is the best decision we made! The unit is very spacious and so clean. The service is AMAZING! They deliver the unit and are very punctual. It’s not just the pod but the SERVICE IS TOP NOTCH! They go out of their way to help in every way! I am so thankful for their professionalism!

Edelyne Edouarzin

star star star star star

This is so far one of the best and most Affordable deals I’ve ever received for a storage unit with such high tech temperature control and safety features and the assistance that came with it.

Tom Davis

star star star star star

Flex Storage Miami is amazingly helpful, hard-working and dedicated to getting the job done! They have the best prices. I will definitely use them again and tell all my customers, club members, friends and family to use them for storage services.

Isabella Sandoval

star star star star star

Super professional and seamless delivery by Vicente. I’m using Flex because I’ll be in between leases and my new apartment only allows vehicles on wheels for move-in (other popular container companies won’t fit that bill). For the price and convenience, I’m super happy these guys are local to me and my new place!

Adriana Sanchez

star star star star star

I called several companies about pods/containers and Flex was the only one upfront with all the costs, from renting the unit, to delivery charges to receive unit, move to new location, and pickup. They are super responsive and their customer service is excellent. We received two units today, and William was fantastic to work with. I’m looking forward to loading them and moving!

Devin Bostwick

star star star star star

Josh and his crew were so amazing during our moving day. Great communication and professionalism by everyone over at Flex. He is a Tetris king when it comes to loading and fitting everything in the trailer! Highly recommend Flex, they surpass my experiences versus other moving companies I’ve used in the past.


star star star star star

I am really impressed with Flex storage.  The whole process from the first phone call to loading the trailer was easy, personable and stress free.

Jay Marhefka

star star star star star

On a day’s notice they had a FlexPod there moving everything out. Transparent pricing, profession, friendly. I underestimated what we needed and they came back first thing in the AM to get the job done.

Lorenzo Herrera

star star star star star

Above and beyond with Flex Storages! Without a doubt, I would recommend this company to anyone who is looking for a piece of mind when moving or simply looking to store their items for a while. Most importantly, their customer service is outstanding; their equipment is great, and it has a unique look and style along with top-notch technology to make the process easier for the customer.

Jennifer Freire

star star star star star

One of the best experiences with a franchise employee. So glad to have come across Flex Storage and its customer minded service.

Bertis Benguria

star star star star star

SO GLAD I BOOKED WITH FLEX! Cesar and his team were amazing! They packaged my stuff honestly like it was their own. They were extremely efficient and professional, respectful of my home and my personal items. I would not have asked for a better team to make this move easier for me, I literally did not have to lift a finger.

Priscilla Marais

star star star star star

This company really exceeded my expectations, fast, safe and efficient movers, will highly recommend them for peace of mind moving.

Onn Biri

star star star star star

Best in the business. I order it last night and by 10am was already set. They send over 6 guys to set it up. 10/10! Very impressive,


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