Are moving containers cheaper than movers?

Wondering about the most cost-effective way to move? This episode of Flex TV compares the expenses of renting a moving container versus hiring a full-service moving company. Our Flexpert breaks down the costs, benefits, and scenarios where each option might be better for you. Learn about the factors that influence pricing, including distance, time, and […]

Are moving containers cheaper than movers? So Phyllis, if you’re moving from one location to another and you’re on a budget or you just want to find out the most affordable option for your move, this is the right video for you. So for the most part, the answer is yes, moving containers are cheaper than a moving service. And here’s why. When you get a moving container and you load it up on your own or with your friends, you’re actually doing most of the work. And what the company does for you is just the move alone. So they will charge you for the time and the gas that it takes to transfer your container from one location to another, but there’s no actual labor involved. On the other hand, when you hire movers, they do everything for you. That means they load everything for you. Sometimes they will even pack for you. And so we’re talking about more man hours, more personnel, and so it costs more money naturally. Of course, sometimes for some people it’s really worth it because maybe you don’t have a lot of friends that can help you out, or maybe you just don’t feel like risking your back for the move. So in conclusion, DIY loading into a moving container will not cost you as much as a professional moving service where the movers have to do everything for you. Another thing you should consider is that there are actually storage companies, portable storage companies, that will also offer moving services including loading and even packing your stuff. So that’s really worth checking out because sometimes when you do everything at the same company, you’re going to get a better price overall.

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