Are portable storage units pest proof?

Concerned about unwelcome guests in your portable storage unit? In this Flex TV episode, we tackle a common worry: Are portable storage units pest proof? Join our storage expert as she explains all about pest control policies, the important routine maintenance and cleanliness, and best practices that will allow you to rest easy knowing your […]

Are portable storage units pest-proof? Now this is a really good question. If you’re going to store your stuff in a portable storage unit, you want it to be safe, you want it kept exactly the way you put it in, and of course you want to avoid any mice, cockroaches, or, God forbid, fleas getting into your stuff. Now, although portable storage units are supposed to be pretty much enclosed and sealed, you can’t always rely on that. Over the years, there can be some wear and tear with moving the containers back and forth, which can cause cracks, small openings, or anything like that. So you can’t exactly count on it being entirely sealed. So how do you give your stuff the best chance to protect itself against any pests? The first thing you want to do is, before you load your stuff in, thoroughly inspect the unit that you’re taking. Look around, see if there are any cracks that you can alert the provider to, see if there’s any signs of pests anywhere in the unit, and obviously if there are, do not put your stuff in that unit, but alert the provider so they can fix it or deliver a new unit to you. Another thing that’s very important to do before you move in your things is talk to the provider and ask about their policies for maintenance, cleanliness, and pest control? Did they clean out the units between different users? Do they make sure to inspect and seal cracks in the units that may be forming? This is a really important issue and it will help you get a better idea of how much they care about this process. You can ask about their pest control policy in their facility as well as for individual units to feel more comfortable about putting your stuff in there. Of course if you do find that there’s any kind of pests in your unit, you definitely should alert the provider. A lot of times they will compensate you for it, but to best be safe, I really recommend that before you move anything in, you ask about the policies, you inspect the unit on your own, and just don’t count on anything to be exactly as it seems at first.

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