Are Storage Units A Good Idea?

In this episode of Flex TV, our Flexpert dives into the question: “Are Storage Units A Good Idea?” Discover the pros and cons of using storage units, learn when they’re beneficial, and explore alternative solutions for managing belongings.

Today we have a question from Phoebe who wants to know the most basic thing of all, are storage units a good idea? Well Phoebe, that’s a really good question. A lot of us will have a clutter room in our house, you know that back room that the door to which is always kept closed because it’s embarrassing, you got a bunch of stuff in there that you never use and it’s a total mess. So maybe you wanna make more space for yourself, you want an office, you want a nursery, or just some extra room, of course you want to think about putting it in storage. Now when it comes down to the decision of getting a storage unit to store your stuff, it’s a matter of simple math. Think about your rent and how much you pay for the home you currently live in. How much is that per square foot? How much do you pay every month for that? With a storage unit, the amount you’re going to pay monthly per square foot is about between 50 cents and two dollars. Pretty cheap, right? So obviously it’s going to cost a lot less than storing the junk in a room of your home. The other advantage is, of course, you gain the space. You get living space instead of just having storage that’s in your room. The downside, of course, is that accessibility might be a little bit more of a hassle. If you’re storing in a warehouse that’s far away, every time you want something out of storage, you gotta get in your car, drive across town, go to the place, it’s a whole big mess. There is a very good solution for this. Get a portable storage provider. You get a storage container, you can call it anytime you want, or even better, if you have the space in your yard, keep it in your yard, keep it in your driveway, have it on site. That way, anytime you want anything, you could just walk out and get it. It’s just like having your own extra room in the house, but you don’t have to have the clutter in front of you all the time, and it’s always accessible to you. So, Phoebe, I hope I answered your question.

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