Are Storage Units Insured?

Will you get automatic insurance when you store your belongings at a storage facility? What about a portable storage unit? Who pays for it and what does it cover? Join Hope as she answers one of the most sensitive storage-related topics.

Hi guys, thanks for joining us again for Flex TV. My name is Hope, and I will be answering all of your
storage related questions. And today I got a question from Nathan, and what Nathan wants to know
is something all of us really need to know. Are storage units insured? Of course, this is really
important to a lot of us, and trusting your things into somebody else’s hands for safekeeping can be
really, really stressful. And we want to know that our stuff is protected and safe enough so that it
won’t be damaged and that if it is damaged, we definitely want to be compensated and don’t want
to pay out of pocket. So a lot of things can happen, and we want to be safe in any event, whether it’s
environmental damages like water or fire damages, whether it’s theft or break-in attempts, we want
to know that we’re covered and that our stuff remains safe so that we can store it with peace of
mind and not stress about it all the time. So basically when it comes to insurance, there are three
types of storage providers. Some providers will offer insurance coverage with a monthly fee, so that
means you’ll be charged every month. It’s usually a small negligible amount between like $20, $50,
depending on the value that you want to protect. And then they will take full responsibility for
whatever happens. Then there are some who will hand you a pamphlet just as you come in to book
your storage unit, and the pamphlet will be with the contact details of a certain insurer that you will
have to contact on your own, and then have your stuff covered with the insurer. And the facility
doesn’t take direct responsibility, but they do work with the insurer so you can turn to them if
anything should happen. And then there’s the third option that you can use, which is speaking to
your homeowner’s insurance and seeing if they can cover your unit as a part of your home
insurance. So they will act like your unit is part of your extended home, and they will protect
whatever is inside. Of course, this usually involves an extra premium, so again, you really want to
check the fine print, speak to your insurer, and make sure your stuff is safe. Check the value of the
stuff that you need to insure, make sure it is protected against all elements, whether it’s a storm,
whether it’s a break-in, and make sure your stuff is safe and sound so that you don’t have to worry
about it all the time. Nobody wants that. So in conclusion, before renting your storage unit, you
want to check with your provider whether they will cover your stored content if anything should go
wrong. So speak to your rep or read it on the website, usually there’s a lot of information on there,
and just make sure what your storage insurance is going to cover so that you’re not stuck in a
situation that something is damaged, God forbid, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Storage is
made to give you peace of mind. You’re supposed to feel really comfortable and at ease when you
store your stuff and know that it’s covered no matter what happens. So store smart, store safe, and
make sure that they have you covered. Thanks for joining us. I hope I answered your question,

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