Are Storage Units Open On Sundays?

One of the benefits of storage is having access to your stored belongings whenever you need it. But what if the only time we have is on the weekend? Can we visit our unit on a Sunday? Do we need to make an appointment? Find out all about it in this short video by Flex.

Hi there, thanks for joining us again on Flex TV. My name is Hope and I will be answering all your questions regarding storage so that you can make the best storage decisions possible. So today we have a question from Ron who wants to know whether storage facilities are open on Sundays. This is important to a lot of us. We are working people, we can’t always make the time during the week to pop over to the facility to get something out of storage or put something in. And we want to have the flexibility and accessibility with our storage unit so that we can use it anytime we want when it’s convenient for us. We don’t want to work for our storage facility, it should be working for us. So Ron, basically the answer is sometimes. Sometimes they’ll be open on weekends and sometimes they won’t. You really want to check the operating hours and days before you move into storage because once you’ve moved in, moving out can be super tricky and really, really expensive. And you don’t want that hassle. So check ahead of time, speak to your rep, read the fine print in your contract and make sure. It can be confusing because a lot of storage facilities will say that they have 24-7 guarding. That does not mean you have 24-7 access. You don’t want to get confused. So whether your facility has a gate and they give you a card or a fob, make sure you can access it anytime you want and you don’t need an on-site manager to let you in because that’s gonna really screw up your schedule. So it’s really important to check ahead of time, make sure that you have access anytime you want and if you don’t, just choose another facility. Another super convenient option is just go portable. Portable storage gives you two amazing options that you can’t get in a facility. Number one is on-site storage, where you can actually keep your unit on your property, in your yard and then you just walk out your door and you can access it anytime you want. You don’t need anyone to let you in. The other option is door-to-door deliveries, which some providers will offer, but of course, also in this case, you should check the policy. Check to see how expensive it is to have it delivered and check to see how many days in advance you have to tell them if you want your unit delivered. Go for next day or same day delivery providers and you’ll be golden. Thanks, Ron, for your question and thank you all for joining us.

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