Are Storage Units Safe?

In this episode of Flex TV, our resident Flexpert explores the safety of storage units, discussing security measures and tips to safeguard stored items, empowering viewers to make informed choices for worry-free storage experiences.

Today’s question comes from Matt, and what Matt wants to know is, are storage units safe? Now of course, for a lot of us, the first thing that comes to mind when we want to entrust our belongings somewhere else is security. Are they going to be safe? Are they going to return in the same condition that we placed them in? So safety is really very, very important, might even be the most important consideration when considering a storage facility. So basically to check whether a place where you’re storing is safe, you want to think about two aspects. The first is the actual security of the facility. So are we talking about a facility that’s fenced, that’s guarded, are there 24-7 security cameras? I really recommend going with facilities that have all three because safety is first, it’s the most important thing, and you want to make sure that the facility is secure so people can’t come from the outside and break in. The second thing to consider is the security of the actual storage units because you also want to defend from other people who might be storing in the same facility and could have an idea of breaking into somebody else’s storage unit because there might be something valuable inside. So for that you really want to make sure that you know that the storage unit is sturdy, that it’s made well, and of course that the lock is good. Usually you will be buying your own lock for a storage unit, so make sure you splurge and really buy a good one. This is not a place where you wanna be cheap. You wanna get the best lock you can, like a disc lock that’s harder to cut than a padlock or something similar. Take your own considerations, but just make sure that the stuff inside is as secure as you can possibly make it. And of course, the third thing is insurance.

You know, never say never, you don’t know what’s going to happen, so you wanna make sure that you’re insured so that even if somebody does take something from your storage unit, you’re insured, you’re covered, and you get the money back for whatever was stolen from you. In conclusion, Matt, the security really changes from location to location, so you wanna make extra special sure and take care to make sure that your stuff is protected. It’s about the facility, it’s about all of their security in place, and it’s about your specific unit and the lock that you use on it to keep your stuff safe. I hope I answered your question. Keep your stuff safe.

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