Are the storage units equipped with surveillance cameras?

Security is a top priority when selecting a storage unit. In this episode of Flex TV, we explore the presence and effectiveness of surveillance cameras in storage facilities. Our Flexpert discusses the types of surveillance systems used, their coverage areas, and how storage providers balance security with customer privacy. Learn about the advantages of camera-equipped […]

Are storage units equipped with surveillance cameras? Now this is a good question, Tiffany. It kind of brings to mind a lot of the balance that all of us are looking for at a storage facility, which is on the one hand, we want to have the best security to make sure our stuff is safe from like theft or break-ins. and on the other hand, we really want to maintain our privacy. So is the facility looking into what we’re storing? Are they looking at us while we’re in the storage unit? Let’s get into it. So Tiffany, most storage facilities do have surveillance cameras. Emphasis on facilities. These cameras, these CCTV cameras, are usually installed in the public areas of the storage facility only which means yes to office yes to hallways yes to pathways no to like toilets and also no to your storage units your storage unit is designed to be completely private for you only to see and visit that means that not only do you have your own unique key but the facility will not be installing cameras inside your unit however maybe the situation is different maybe you want a camera inside your unit because you want to make sure that it’s secure even if someone somehow manages to break in and avoid the public area cameras in this case you can get a camera and install it in your unit usually there would be no problem the only thing you really have to make sure of is that your unit has an outlet and power so that it works but generally if you’re not drilling or making any major changes inside it’s not going to be a big issue you, you can install a security camera of your own if you’re worried about the security inside of your unit. So Tiffany, even though the facility does have to have surveillance cameras outside in the public area, both for insurance purposes, if there’s any misuse or vandalism for law enforcement, if there’s any crime committed, even though they do that, they will not be looking into your storage unit the only way that there’ll be a cctv camera inside of your storage unit is if you put it there which you totally can.

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