Are there any discounts or promotions for long-term storage unit rentals?

Join us in this episode of Flex TV, where our Flexpert replies to the question: “Are there any discounts or promotions for long-term storage unit rentals?” Discover potential cost-saving options and incentives offered by storage facilities for extended rental periods. Learn about special promotions, discounts, or deals available for customers committing to long-term storage. Uncover […]

Today I just got a question from Becky and Becky wants to know, are there any discounts or promotions for long-term storage unit rentals? Becky, that is an excellent question. Of course, sometime we wanna store for longer periods of time or we’re not sure if we’re gonna be taking it out earlier or later, so we wanna make sure that a long-term commitment is actually worth our while and will help us to pay less on a monthly basis. So, Becky, the general answer is yes. Most storage facilities do offer long-term discounts if you’re going to store there for over a certain period. It could be four months, six months, eight months, a year. Usually, the price will decline depending on the amount of time you stay. This is because, just like with an apartment, they don’t want the storage units to be left empty, so they would rather rent it at a lower monthly rate than have anything stand there alone without a tenant, making them no income at all. To find these kinds of promotions and discounts for long-term storage, you can go online, look at coupons, go to the company’s website, or you can even visit or call the facility, ask the rep what kind of long-term discounts they have, and they will give you the answer for that. So it’s quite simple. They’re going to want to sell, so they’re going to talk about the promotions and the options that they have. So, in short, Becky, yes, usually facilities will offer you discounts and promotions if you store long-term and commit ahead of time because they want to keep their facility as full as possible with as many customers as they can. You can check for those online or you can call to check in on what new promotions are available in each facility

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