Are there any size restrictions for items stored in storage units?

In this Flex TV episode, our expert addresses the question: “Are there size restrictions for items stored in storage units?” Discover common limitations, guidelines, and considerations when storing large items and get insights into choosing the right unit size for your belongings.

Today I got a question from Hannah who wants to know, are there any size restrictions for items stored in storage units? Now that’s a really good question. A lot of us might want to know that sometimes you want to store something particularly large like large pieces of furniture or appliances and normally that’s not an issue. For the most part, the short answer is there aren’t any size restrictions. If you can fit it inside the storage unit you chose, you can store it. You just have to measure the items, obviously make sure that they fit in the size unit you booked, and you could put any size items you want in there. So size is not an issue. What is an issue, however? There are certain things that you are not allowed to store or not allowed to store everywhere. One of the first and simplest examples is vehicles. If you want to store your car, your motorcycle or your boat, you have to go to designated storage facilities for vehicles. It’s not going to be allowed in any warehouse to just drive your motorcycle in and leave it there. The other thing is materials that are hazardous or perishables, plants, animals, basically anything that’s alive, anything liquid is prohibited. You are not allowed to store those in storage units. The last thing that should actually be obvious is anything illegal. You are not allowed to store any illegal materials or items in your storage unit. Before you move into storage, you get a lease. Look through that lease, see what’s prohibited from storage. Usually it will be most of the same items, like the stuff that I mentioned before, but look to see if your facility has any specific restrictions before you put anything into storage, because if it’s illegal and it’s not allowed to be stored, you might actually get in trouble for it, so it’s worth checking beforehand. In short, Hannah, no, there are no size restrictions. The rule thumb is if you can fit it, you can store it. However, if you want to store something that’s unusual, you should really look at your lease before you sign it and make sure that you’re allowed to store it at all. Thank you so much for joining us.

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