Are there any storage units designed for art or antiques?

In this episode of Flex TV, our storage expert delves into the world of specialized storage units tailored for precious art and antiquities. Uncover the unique features and considerations involved in storing valuable artworks or antique collections before selecting the best unit for you. Learn about climate-controlled environments, security measures, and specialized storage options that […]

Today i got a question from Nancy and Nancy wants to know are there any storage units designed for arts or antiques so this is very important if you’re an art lover and maybe you’re moving you’re remodeling or you’ve just run out of space and you need a place to store your valuable art for a while obviously you don’t want to store it somewhere where it’s going to get ruined so So this is exactly the video for you. As any art lover probably knows, art needs to be stored in a cool, dry place. This is of the utmost importance to keep your art in mint condition. So the first thing you want to do is make sure that you’re storing it in the proper climate for it. How do you do that? Climate controlled units, of course. Most warehouses will have climate controlled units that you can rent for a bit of an extra extra price usually about a 20 to 50 percent markup in rent you want to make sure that your storage unit is completely insulated and weatherproof to avoid any kind of water damages humidity damages corrosion or anything of that sort especially when it comes to your valuable pieces of art and antiques unfortunately when it comes to portable storage which a lot of times is a lot more convenient especially if you’re remodeling or storing for a short period of time portable storage does not usually have a solution for these kinds of situations as they use closed containers that are usually made of some sort of metal this is not ventilated it’s not climate controlled and it’s not insulated so it can’t keep your stuff safe the only solution i’m aware of that’s both portable and regulates the climate properly so that you can store valuables like that in is flex storage flex storage has units that come equipped with a solar powered climate system that makes sure your stuff is kept in the optimal conditions so nancy before storing your valuable collections antiques art

anywhere you want to make absolutely sure that it’s climate controlled properly that it’s completely insulated and sealed from every direction because art is really irreplaceable

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