Are there any storage units with 24/7 customer support?

In this episode of Flex TV, our storage expert explores the availability of storage units equipped with round-the-clock customer service centers. Discover the advantages of facilities offering 24/7 assistance for your storage needs and what to do when that is not the case in your facility, to ensure assistance and guidance when you require it.

Today I got a question from Karen who wants to know, are there any storage units with 24-7 support? Now a lot of us are busy all week, all day, with work, with kids, with home, whatever, and we don’t have time to visit the storage facility in normal hours, so we will be visiting outside of regular operating hours. And then what if we come to our unit and something’s wrong, like the door is stuck and won’t roll up, or we see any kind of damage to our unit, so we want to know there’s someone we can turn to. Unfortunately, Karen, most storage facilities do not offer 24-7 customer support simply because it’s not usually that necessary or that urgent. They do have regular operating hours that you can find on their website or on their Google page, and you can know when you can contact them about anything you need regarding your storage unit. However, there are some storage facilities that do offer this service of 24-7 support. It could be by phone, it could be by chat, and if you need them you just have to find them if it’s important to you. Either way, whether customer support is operating around the clock or not, if you want to report any kind of issue or damage to your unit, you definitely want to also do it in writing. This is because you want to keep a record and you want to have evidence. So if there’s something wrong with your unit, take some photos, take a video, and send it via email so you have a record of your complaint, and then you have proof that you’ve submitted it. So in conclusion, Karen, most facilities do not offer 24-7 support, but it’s usually okay because it’s very rare to need something urgent from customer support. Either way, if you’re reporting an issue, you always want to do so in writing. Remember to document everything, to take pictures, so that you won’t be blamed for damage that’s not caused by you.

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