Are there any storage units with backup generators?

This Flex TV episode is all about the availability and benefits of storage facilities equipped with backup generators, to maintain power 24/7, even in the event of a blackout. Learn about the added security that backup generators provide during power failures and why they might be crucial for the stuff you have stored in your […]

today i just got a question from Javi and Javi wants to know are there any storage units with backup generators now this is a good question that could be very very important if you’re storing in a storage unit you’re storing things that need to be climate controlled or you need a power wi-fi an outlet a light anything like that and especially if you’re living in a stormy area you what if there’s a power out what are you going to do is your stuff going to be damaged so this is exactly the video to answer that question so basically javi if you’ve ordered a climate controlled unit you can pretty much rest assured that your facility will have a backup generator the reason is very very simple places with climate controlled units store items that are delicate and vulnerable to heat or cold and they need to be constantly climate controlled so the facility is not going to want to risk damaging all of their tenants stuff they’re going to usually have a backup generator however if you’re storing in a non-climate controlled unit not only is a generator not guaranteed you might not even have any electricity power outlet or lighting at all in your unit so if you know that electricity is important to you and you want to make sure that you have a working outlet or a light you have to make sure ahead of time with a facility that your unit actually has electricity inside so in conclusion Javi if you know that you need electricity in your unit if you know that you need climate control constantly to work you should definitely take into account that not all storage facilities will have a backup generator call ahead of time make sure it’s a really good question to ask i’m sure they’ll be very sympathetic and they’ll give you all the information you need

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