Are there any storage units with loading docks?

This Flex TV episode is all about the convenience of storage units equipped with loading docks, exploring how these facilities streamline the process of loading and unloading items from trucks or vans directly into your storage unit, without having to carry all your belongings. Our storage expert discusses the advantages of having such facilities available, […]

today i have a question from Steve.  Steve wants to know are there any storage units with loading docks now this is relevant mostly if you’re a commercial customer you’re bringing in larger heavier items or something like that maybe with a specialized truck and you need the loading dock to help you load and unload very easily more conveniently so you want to know that they have the loading dock at the place so steve normally self-storage facilities that are just little warehouses will not have loading docks these are reserved for bigger places in normal self-storage warehouses what they do have a lot of the time is drive up access which means you can book a unit with drive up access ahead of time and then you know you can get your vehicle right to the door of your storage unit however if you do know that you need a loading dock then you should look for larger more commercial or specialized storage facilities a lot of those are more likely to have a loading dock in place of course this is not a given and you will have to ask ahead of time if you know that you’re going to need to use one also you need to take into account that these big specialized commercial storage facilities usually offer much larger storage units therefore they’re usually much more expensive so keep that into into consideration when you’re thinking about where you wanna store your stuff. In conclusion, Steve, if you know that you’re going to need a loading dock during your loading and unloading process into or out of the storage facility, you need to search specifically for facilities that do offer these loading docks ahead of time before you book your unit.

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