Are there any storage units with motion sensor lights?

Looking for a storage solution with enhanced security and convenience? This Flex TV episode explores the availability and benefits of storage units equipped with motion sensor lights. Our Flexpert discusses how these advanced lighting features enhance safety, deter theft, and provide ease of access during low-light conditions. Learn about the practicality and added peace of […]

Are there any storage units with motion sensor lights? Now, why is this important? Motion sensor lights, for those of you who don’t know, will automatically power on when somebody walks by them or somehow triggers the motion sensors. So this is convenient for many reasons, not the least of which being if you’re carrying stuff into your storage unit or out of it, you might not have any hands available to reach out and flick the switch. So for this reason, motion sensor lights could be extremely convenient for a storage unit. So Eric, the most advanced facilities often will actually have motion sensor lights. Not only is it more convenient for the tenant, but it saves a ton of money for the storage facility an average facility can have 500 maybe a thousand units and that is a lot of different lights a lot of different lightings obviously some people will forget to switch off the light when they leave their unit and then the facility would just continue to pay for that light being kept on so switching to motion sensors lights is really a smart economical decision for the storage facility as well however even if you do go for a storage facility that does not have motion sensor lights and you know that you want them for your own unit, it’s really, really simple. You can simply order a motion sensor light bulb online. They usually cost between like 30 and 50 bucks. And then you can install it, replace the existing light bulb, and you’ll have motion sensor lights. It’s really cheap and easy. It’ll be really convenient for you. And it’s generally a good idea. So Eric, in conclusion, yes, a lot of facilities will have motion sensor lights, but even if they don’t, they are so cheap and easy to get and install. Just make sure that when moving out of your storage unit, you put the original light bulb back inside and keep the one that you’ve got for yourself.

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