Are there any storage units with package delivery services?

In this Flex TV episode, our storage expert explores the availability of storage units that offer package delivery/acceptance services, to sign for package deliveries to you on your behalf. Learn about the convenience and practicality of storage facilities that provide package delivery solutions for your stored items, as well as the added costs and considerations […]

Today i have a question from Jed who wants to know are there any storage units with package delivery now that’s a good question a lot of us like to order online we order a lot of packages sometimes we order too much for our space sometimes we’re just not available to be at home to accept the packages so can we have our storage facility do this for us The answer Jed is yes, sometimes. So there are certain storage facilities that do provide a service of package acceptance on your behalf. This means that you can book the service ahead of time, you pay a little fee, and the storage facility will accept packages on your behalf when you cannot. And they’ll usually offer some sort of short-term storage included in that price. So usually the first week will be included and then after that you will have to pay a price per day that the package is left there and not picked up by you so jed if you’re the kind of person that orders a lot of packages and you’re too busy to go pick them up and you’re too busy to stay at home to accept them the storage facility some storage facilities can accept the packages on your behalf however don’t make the mistake of thinking that every storage facility will do this because they won’t you have to look for a storage facility ask them if they have package acceptance service and then book it with them make sure you look into all of the costs because it won’t necessarily include the free week i mentioned earlier it may be less it may be more just check everything beforehand before you book there.

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