Are there any storage units with Wi-Fi access?

This Flex TV episode dives into the available options of storage units equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity, why you might need them, and what you should expect. Our storage expert details the benefits of having Wi-Fi in storage facilities, especially for those of us who like to visit our storage often and may spend more than […]

¬†Today’s question comes to us from Tess and Tess wants to know, are there any storage units with Wi-Fi access? Now this is a question that may be relevant to a lot of us. If you visit your storage unit often for long periods of time, maybe you want to be able to do some work while you’re there. Maybe you just want to browse through social media. It makes sense. We all want to be connected to the internet pretty much all the time so is it possible in your storage unit well test this short answer is sometimes some storage facilities will not offer any kind of wi-fi access at all some will have it in the main office at the front desk and so you can ask for a password and connect to it provided that your storage unit is actually close enough to that area. So the larger the facility, the less likely you are to have Wi-Fi connection everywhere in those kinds of places. And then the third kind is the kind of storage facility that actually is aware of this need of a lot of people, and therefore they offer Wi-Fi throughout the entire facility. In that case, you can get your Wi-Fi password, you can surf from anywhere in the the facility. Sometimes it will be free, sometimes for extra pay. But basically, Tess, if you know that you’re going to need a Wi-Fi connection or you’re going to want or prefer a Wi-Fi connection while you’re visiting your storage unit, it’s not a problem. Just call your facility before you book it and ask, do you have Wi-Fi access and will I be able to access it from any storage unit on the ground?

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