Can a moving company access my storage unit?

If you are moving your stuff our of store and want to hire movers to do the heavy lifting for you – this is the Flex TV episode for you. In this episode, our storage expert explains how to give your moving company access to your storage unit, so that they can help you with […]

Can a moving company access my storage unit? This is a really good question, Dorothy. It’s really relevant to a lot of people. If you have a storage unit in a warehouse near you and you’re moving somewhere far, maybe a different city, maybe a different state, obviously it doesn’t make sense to leave your stuff behind in storage, so you’re gonna have to move that as well. But if you’re like me and you don’t love the heavy lifting, maybe you want some help, you want to get professional movers to help you get all of your stuff out of storage, move it out into a new storage location near your new apartment. How can you do that? So, Dorothy, the answer is yes. People have thought of this before. A lot of people want to use this service, so yes, you can grant your moving company access to your storage unit. How do you do it? It’s actually quite simple. The first thing you want to do is you want to contact your storage facility and let them know what’s going on. Give them a date, give them a time, and as much information as possible, like the moving company’s name, give them the size of truck if you can, anything that will help them better prepare and get smooth access into the facility. If you can, prefer contacting the company via email. This way you have a record written down of what you asked for, when you asked for, they have it in front of them so that they can refer to it later and it’s not a problem. And the last thing, of course, other than accessing the facility, the moving company is going to need access to your storage unit, so make sure that you give them your storage unit key, fob, if you have any access code, anything like that, give it to them so that they can access smoothly without issues. So, in conclusion, yes, it’s quite simple to give your moving company access to your storage unit to help you move your stuff out. Even if you’re not there, you can make sure that they have a really smooth time going in and moving out with no issue. Of course, make sure that you know that you’re going to be charged for that extra time as well, if they get stuck or if anything gets complicated. And on a personal level, I really do recommend being there or sending somebody you trust over to kind of oversee the process, make sure that the movers are treating your stuff carefully and with the respect it deserves.

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