Can I decorate or personalize the exterior of my storage unit?

Wondering if you can add a personal touch to your storage space? In this Flex TV episode, our Flexpert addresses the possibilities and limitations of decorating or personalizing the exterior of your storage unit. We’ll cover what’s allowed, tips for tasteful customization, and how to stay within facility guidelines. Whether you’re thinking about paint, decals, […]

Can I decorate or personalize the exterior of my storage unit? Now that’s an interesting question. Some of us maybe want to express ourselves through our storage units. Some of us maybe just want to make sure we can find our unit more easily because it looks different than the other ones. So can we do it? it? The answer with most warehouses and self-storage facilities would be no. The reason is that you’re not the only person in the facility and they want to keep a uniform aesthetic across the public areas of their self-storage facility. In other words, they want it all to look nice and neat, to look the same, and they don’t want any personalization or excess decoration in the public areas, which kind of makes sense if you think about it. Then there’s another scenario. what if I know that I want portable storage and I’ve booked a container and I keep it on my property or in my driveway and then I want to decorate the outside because I mean we all know they’re not really beautiful maybe the HOA has come to complain about an ugly container in your yard so can you decorate the outside of it now in this case it would be a little bit more flexible for the most part you’d be able to decorate the external part of your container as long as it’s reversible meaning no nails no screws no glued posters that you can’t take off and at the end of your storage period you’re definitely gonna have to take everything off return it to its original state before returning it to the storage company so in short Leo if you want to express yourself and decorate your storage unit it really depends on what kind of storage unit you have what the rules and the policies of the specific storage provider are but in any case just to be absolutely sure I really recommend that you get written permission so that you can’t be blamed later for doing something. That’s not allowed when it comes to the inside of your unit however you can pretty much decorate it however you like again as long as it’s reversible and doesn’t damage the unit at any way.

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