Can I get a mover from a different company than my storage?

Ever wondered if you can mix and match movers and storage companies? Today’s episode of Flex TV addresses this practical and common question. Our Flexpert dives into the logistics and feasibility of hiring a mover from a different company than your storage provider. Learn about the benefits and considerations of this approach, including coordination challenges […]

Can I use movers from a different company than my storage? Now, this question makes a lot of sense. Sometimes we will choose a storage facility based on its convenient location near our home or our job and based on its affordable prices, but then they offer you the moving services and maybe the moving services are overpriced or you just heard that they’re not very reliable that maybe they break some stuff or maybe they’re not very serviceable and not very nice and you want to use another different mover or moving company so can you do this so yes some storage facilities do offer moving services packing services or any extra services like that to complement your storage needs. However, these are totally, totally optional. You don’t have to take it. You can do the move on your own DIY with friends. You can get another mover, shop around, get some quotes, see who’s good, look at some Google reviews, and choose the professional that you want to work with. That is totally fine. That being said, sometimes doing it all in the same place can really streamline the process that’s already usually kind of stressful and you don’t want to be coordinating a bunch of different people. So sometimes it really is easier to just do the moving with the storage together. So how do you go for quality? Well I personally recommend if you’re looking for a place to store and you know you’re also going to be wanting movers to help you move your stuff in, look for moving in storage near you. Like moving in storage in Miami, moving in storage in Tampa, whatever, wherever you are, look for that. And then look at the Google ratings, see what reviewers have to say about working with the company, see what they say about the service, see what they say about being punctual, being on time. And then you can make a better decision and kind of have an all-in-one package, which is really good for your peace of mind not to be running around with different providers on this day. So Cindy, in conclusion, yes, you can definitely get movers that have nothing to do with the storage facility of your choice. However, I really do recommend trying to find kind of the great marriage between the storage provider and the mover so that you have an all-in-one kind of package and it’s much more relaxing that way on moving day. Thank you so much for your question.

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