Can I Rent A Storage Unit For One Month?

Traveling? Moving? Renovating? Need a short-term storage solution? In this Flex TV episode, our expert explores the flexibility of storage unit rentals for short-term needs. Discover the options available for renting storage units on a monthly basis and learn how these options can cater to temporary storage requirements.

Today we have a question from Susan and Susan wants to know, can I rent a storage unit for one month? Well Susan, largely the answer is yes, you can rent a storage unit for as long as you want. Some people really want a short-term storage solution because they are between homes for instance, like the lease is up on your current home, you haven’t chosen a new place to move to yet and you just need that one month or even less of it. So you wanna know what your options are for the short term. So yeah, you can definitely store for one month, but you have to take a couple things under consideration. So the first one is a lot of times you’ll see these promotions by storage companies that say first month free, right? And then you think, if I need to store for one month, I’m just gonna have free storage. No, that’s not how that works. When you go into the terms and conditions, you’re definitely gonna see some minimum commitment period that you have to stay or pay for so it could be three months it could even be more you have to check that ahead of time nobody’s gonna give you free storage. The second thing you want to take under consideration is the cost because generally when you store for longer periods and you take a longer lease ahead of time you get significant discounts so on a monthly basis it could end up costing a lot less to store for more time. So in conclusion Suzanne yes of course you can store for one month but you want to check all of your options ahead of time and compare between them because sometimes it’s not even gonna be worth it and you might end up in a situation where two months of storage actually cost the same as one. Thank you so much for your question, hope you join us next time.

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