Can I store firearms or ammunition in storage units?

Gun owner or collector? In this episode of Flex TV, our storage expert addresses where & how you should store your firearms and ammo, if you are going away or need them stored for a short period of time for any reason. Discover the legalities and safety guidelines associated with storing firearms or ammunition in […]

¬†Today I have a question from Micah who wants to know, can I store ammunitions or firearms in storage units? This is a very important question. As we know, there are a lot of gun owners in the U.S. and sometimes you don’t want to keep those guns at home for a variety of reasons. Maybe you have small children, maybe you don’t have a proper place or enough space to store all of your firearms or your ammunition. Maybe you’re going away for a while on vacation. You definitely want to make sure that your ammunitions are not left alone and unsupervised because it’s super dangerous. So where can we store these things? So first of all, Micah, when it comes to general self-storage facilities, as in warehouses, the answer is no, you cannot. Firearms and any kind of ammo is strictly forbidden from storage in normal self-storage facilities, so you can’t do that. This is for safety reasons. They don’t have the proper setting to store your weapons safely and avoid any kind of trouble. As you know, ammunition is combustible and you’re not allowed to store anything like that in a normal self-storage facility. However, luckily, you’re not the first person to ask this and there are designated storage facilities for weaponry specifically. So in these places, they will have sort of like metal lockers that will will keep your guns and ammunition safe. Obviously, they’re smaller spaces because most people don’t need a huge space like in regular self-storage facilities, and they have the proper security measures in place in order to store your weapons safely. So if you’re looking for such a facility to store your weapons or ammunition, Google is your friend. Just go into your search engine, type in firearm storage or ammunition storage near me, and you will see a lot of different options and then you can check out what works out best for you in terms of proximity and price. In conclusion, Micah, you need a specific storage for weapons in order to store your firearms or ammunition. You cannot store it in your normal storage unit. So you have to search for specific options for this in order to be as safe and legal as possible.

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