Can I store perishable items in storage units?

Join our storage expert in this Flex TV episode as we delve into the question of whether you can store perishables in storage units. Find out the DOs and DON’Ts of storing perishable items and learn where and how they can be optimally stored.

¬†Today we have a question from Celia who wants to know, can I store perishable items in storage units? Now this can be relevant if maybe you’re moving out very fast from one location to another and you happen to have some leftover food, anything perishable in your home and you wanna keep it, you don’t wanna throw it away because it’s a real shame. Can you store it for a while until you get into your new place? Well, Celia, I’m going to divide the answer into two parts. The first part pertains to regular storage units, what you would call warehouse units or portable storage units of any kind. And the answer in that case is no, you cannot store any perishables in these kinds of units. The reason is that they’re not going to be kept well enough and, well, they’re going to perish. So obviously anything that’s perishable, especially any food or drink items, are strictly prohibited from all normal storage facilities. You can’t store them there because they’re going to get ruined. However, for perishable items, there are specific refrigerated storage units that are meant for just that. That way, if you’re running a business with groceries or if you’re running a restaurant and you need to store some excess inventory that’s perishable, you do have a place you can do that. Specialized refrigerated units. They will usually cost a lot more than normal storage units, but they will keep your food items or other perishables safe in the appropriate climate that they require. So in short, Celia, no, you cannot store your perishables in a normal storage unit, but you do have the option of designated refrigerated storage units that can keep your stuff safe. Some people think that if they maybe book a unit with climate control, that could be enough, but not only is it strictly prohibited in all storage facilities, it’s also not good enough. Think about it. You’re not gonna want to drink from a carton of milk that’s been standing in a just air-conditioned room, are you? So it’s the same here.

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