Can I store vehicles or boats in storage units?

In this episode of Flex TV, our storage expert explains about storing your car, trailer, truck, or boat for long or short periods of time. Whether you’re a collector, or want to keep your vehicle safe & sound while you’re away – this is the episode for you. Learn about specialized storage options designed to […]

Today we got a question from Mark who wants to know, can I store vehicles or boats in a storage unit? That’s a good question. A lot of us sometimes will be leaving town for a very long time. We don’t want to leave the car just out next to the house because it isn’t safe. Maybe you have a boat and you have no place to store it obviously in your yard or in your neighborhood. Maybe you even have some sort of collector’s vehicle that you want to keep even though you are not using and you don’t have the space to spare. These are all really good reasons to look for vehicle or boat storage. Now Mark, yes there are facilities that are specifically dedicated to storing vehicles or to storing boats. These are normally very large compounds that are an open space, they’re guarded and fenced, sometimes they’ll have CCTV cameras, sometimes they’ll have on-site guarding, and that way they can keep your stuff safe while you’re away. There are also some options for vehicle and boat storage that will actually offer a roof over your vehicles. It usually costs a little more, but it usually protects your vehicles a little better in case there’s rain, snow, or anything like that. It is important to note, Mark, that you cannot store a vehicle in a normal storage unit. Your standard storage facilities cannot store your vehicles or boats, not only because of the size constraints of the actual unit, but also because we’re talking about gas in the tank, possible fume, etc. So Mark, to answer your question, no, you can’t store a vehicle or a boat in a normal storage unit. However, there are facilities that are specifically dedicated to this and will happily store your vehicle or boat for as long as you need, obviously for a fee.

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