Can I Transfer A Storage Unit To Someone Else?

In this brief yet informative episode, our seasoned storage expert at Flex TV discusses the possibility of transferring a storage unit to another individual. The Flexpert sheds light on the transfer process, highlighting essential steps and considerations involved in such transactions.

Today we have a question from Elaine who wants to know, can I transfer my storage unit to someone else? Now that’s a really good question. In a lot of cases, we will want to do that, say you’re moving out of town and you want someone else to be accountable for the things in storage, maybe a family member, maybe a friend. So the question is, can you actually do this? The short answer is yes, usually you can. It shouldn’t be too much of an issue but there are some things that you need to take under consideration. So number one, obviously you want to call the storage provider and let them know that you’re not going to be the main contact anymore but you’re gonna be replacing your name with somebody else who’s going to be in charge of the storage from now on. So you’re gonna want to obviously provide the contact details. If there’s any change in payment details, provide that as well, and you want to make extra special sure that they’re actually going to switch the name on the contract for the storage units. This is because if there is anything going on with the storage unit, if there is any issue, damage, or any kind of thing that can hold you liable, you don’t want to be liable if you’re not around to take care of it. So make sure that they add somebody else’s name and they remove your name from the contract. So in In conclusion, yeah, it’s not a problem to transfer your name to somebody else, it shouldn’t be an issue for any storage provider, but you do have to make sure that you do it properly on the up and up in front of them, cross all the T’s, dot all the I’s, because you don’t want to be charged or held accountable when you’re not actually the main contact that’s in charge and around and available. So Elaine, I hope I answered your question. Feel free to transfer your ownership to somebody else. If you need to, just make sure you talk to your provider.

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