Can I upgrade or downgrade my storage unit size?

In this Flex TV episode, our storage expert explains the possibility of moving to a bigger or smaller storage unit. Watch to better understand the process, the advantages, and the drawbacks of upgrading/downsizing your rented storage space, including potential costs and important things to keep in mind before making the switch.

¬†Today I got a question from Phil who wants to know, can I upgrade or downgrade my storage unit size? Phil, that is a really good question. Sometimes you already have a storage unit and you find yourself suddenly with a lot more stuff to store or maybe with a lot less stuff to store because you don’t need as much storage space. So the short answer, Phil, is that yes, you can, of course, you have to take some things under consideration. First of all, when you change your storage unit, your storage unit size, anything about it, you’re going to be looking at an entirely new lease, which means this is like a new booking process. So you’re going to have to check for availability, look at the current prices, you’re going to end your current lease, and you’re going to enter into a new lease, which obviously is going to have a different rent price because you’re changing the size of your unit. If you’re going smaller, it’s going to cost you less per month, and if you’re going larger, of course, it’s going to be costing you more per month. Now, other things to consider. If you are changing a unit in the same warehouse, in the same storage facility, you’re going to have to consider that you’re going to need to move your stuff out of the old unit and into the new unit. So if you’re doing it on your own, you’re talking, there’s time and effort to be considered, so you have to think about that. If you need a professional to help you with unloading and reloading, then of course it’s going to cost you extra, so there’s going to be another cost to consider. Now, if you’re stored in a portable storage unit as opposed to a warehouse storage unit, we’re talking about another fee that you need to consider, which is delivery and redelivery. So, you’re changing your storage unit size, they’re going to have to deliver your current storage unit so that you can unload it, redeliver it to the storage facility, and then deliver you a new storage unit and re-deliver that again. So the cost of that kind of delivery and re-delivery and delivery and re-delivery can turn out to be quite expensive. So if you’re thinking about downgrading, it might not even really be worth it for you because the change in the rent price won’t be that dramatic and the delivery and re-delivery prices can be quite steep. So you want to take that into consideration as well. In conclusion, yes Phil, you can definitely downgrade or upgrade your storage unit size, of course depending on availability and the price and everything. Take all of these things into consideration so that the price is actually worth your trouble.

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