Can I use moving container if i can’t keep it in my yard?

Wondering how to use a moving container when you can’t keep it in your yard? This episode of Flex TV has the answers. Our Flexpert explores alternative options for those without yard space. Discover practical solutions for utilizing moving containers in urban areas or locations with HOA restrictions. This episode provides creative and effective strategies […]

Can I use a moving container if I can’t keep it in my yard? Now this is a real issue you guys, a lot of us live in an area where we don’t have a yard, we don’t have a driveway, we don’t have any way to keep our moving container. Maybe we’re living in a high-rise building, maybe we don’t have the space, maybe it’s just against regulations. So what do you do if you need to move, you want a moving container and you have nowhere to place it or are not allowed to place it for the duration of loading your stuff onto it. So actually in this kind of situation I regret to say not every company will be able to provide you with this service. Sometimes you’re just in a location where it’s impossible to comfortably and conveniently deliver a container and you’ll notice with a lot of the websites when you’re trying to book a moving container or a storage container they will ask you very specific questions about where you can place it in the back or in front, where it’s supposed to face, and they will tell you that you need a really long clearing so that they can place it properly and you’ll be able to open it. So it’s a whole mess of thing and truth be told you might not actually be able to get a moving container where you are. Fortunately there are some solutions for this problem. Other people have thought about this. So for instance with Flex, what we have is trailers on wheels as opposed to just containers. This means that they can be parked easily in any standard parking space really conveniently and then you don’t need a huge clearing. They can even be on your lawn and they won’t run it over because it’s on wheels and it’s not just a big container that will leave a yellow rectangle on your lawn later. So with solutions like Flex you are actually capable of getting your moving container or moving storage unit without having to have a special space or permission for it. They’re HOA friendly, they won’t disrupt traffic, and it’s just such a great solution for those of us who live in urban areas and just can’t keep it in our yard. So, yes this can be kind of a tricky situation but there are solutions out there so I really encourage you to look for the solutions that you have in your immediate area. Make some phone calls, do some research, and find somebody like Flex that can provide the service even though you have these limitations.

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