Can portable storage unit be used for long term storage?

Ever wondered if portable storage units are suitable for long-term use? This episode of Flex TV explores using portable storage containers for extended periods. Our Flexpert discusses factors like durability, convenience, security, and cost-effectiveness, offering insights into how these units can meet prolonged storage needs. Whether you’re considering a semi-permanent solution for extra space or […]

Can portable storage units be used for long-term storage? This is a really excellent question. Sometimes using portable storage is absolutely the best and most convenient option because it gets delivered to you, there’s no hassle, no fuss, no running around to facilities that are far away, no standing in traffic. So if we want to use a portable storage unit but we know we also need it for the longer term, can we do it and how? Here’s how. So for the most part, most portable storage companies will offer you a lease for as long as you want. It can be a few days, it could be months, it can even be years. So then you combine the convenience of portable storage with the long-term storage solution that you need. In this event, you’re actually talking about a win-win situation because as a customer, if you’re looking for longer-term storage, you’ll usually be getting a much better price, meaning your monthly rent will be much lower if you store for the long term than if you store for just one month or three months. Then you get the great price and the convenience of storage, everybody wins, it’s the perfect solution, right? Now when storing your things for the long term in a portable container, it becomes even more important, even more crucial to ask about the container and figure out if it’s good enough for what you need. So you want to make sure it’s made out of quality materials, that it’s durable, that it’s totally weatherproof and insulated, that it won’t rust, that it won’t leak, that it won’t cause any trouble to your storage contents inside during your extended storage period. So make sure you really check what kind of portable units you’re getting from the company. Also, if you have any items that are sensitive to weather or humidity, you might want to get climate-controlled storage. Now with climate-controlled storage, when it comes to portable, it’s a little bit more tricky. Though there are some portable storage companies that do offer climate-controlled units, this can only happen at the storage facility. Why? Because they take the container from your home and they put it in a place where it can be air-conditioned and monitored so your stuff stays at a certain climate that doesn’t harm the sensitive items inside. The only portable storage solution that does offer climate control all the time, 24-7, no matter where it is, is Flex. With Flex, you can even decide to keep your long-term storage container on your own property and it will still have a solar-powered ventilated automatic system to make sure the climate inside is perfect for storing anything, no matter how sensitive. So in conclusion, yes, you can store for as long as you want. Even in portable storage, you can store for months, weeks, or even years. The only thing that you really want to make sure is that you choose the right container for your needs, whether it be climate control, the materials it’s made out of, or how insulated and weatherproof it is to protect your stuff in the best possible way.

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