Can Storage Units Require Insurance?

Is insurance a must when renting a storage unit? In today’s episode of Flex TV, our Flexpert tackles this common question, explaining the policies and reasons why many storage facilities require insurance for your stored items. Learn about the types of insurance available, what they cover, and if using your existing homeowner’s or renter’s insurance […]

Hi guys, welcome to Flex TV. My name is Hope and I will be answering all of your storage related questions today We have a question from Eugene who wants to know can storage units require insurance? That’s a really good question a lot of people want to know that because you want to know exactly what your Expenditure is gonna be want to make sure you have no surprises on your end of month bill And yes, it’s not gonna be just the rent So here’s a breakdown, Eugene. For the most part, self -storage facilities will require some sort of protection fee or insurance fee on a monthly basis. Now, this can either be by the facility itself or by an external insurance company that underwrites their policy. So you want to check that, of course, as soon as you move in, what kind of insurance they do require and whether it covers everything you need. Now, when it comes to portable storage, as you know, you usually have two options. One is to keep the storage on site, in which case the company will definitely 


make you pay some sort of insurance or protection fee for the storage container itself, so that if it’s damaged it’s covered by the insurance you’re paying. However, that does not always include the content stored inside. Usually they will be two separate things, so be extra careful and make sure that your contents are protected and up to what value they are actually insured so that if something goes wrong, you know that your contents are protected and you’re going to get the money back. It’s not going to be automatic for the most part. So in conclusion, most places, most storage providers will require some sort of insurance or protection fee, but you really have to check to see what that fee includes. Read the contract very carefully, see what the policies are for insurance, whether it’s from the facility or by an outside insurer, and just to make sure that all of your things are protected, and nothing is left to chance. Thank you, Eugene. I hope I answered your question. See you next 

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