Can Storage Units Stay Open In Lockdown?

This episode of Flex TV delves into whether storage units can remain open during lockdowns. Our Flexpert explores the guidelines and regulations that determine the operation of storage facilities in such scenarios. She discusses how these businesses are affected by lockdown measures and what it means for customers needing access to their stored items. The […]

Hi guys, welcome to Flex TV. My name is Hope, and today I will be answering all of your storage -related questions. Today’s question comes to us from Bill, and what Bill wants to know is, can storage units stay open during a lockdown? Now that’s a really good question, Bill. We’ve all been through the COVID -19 pandemic, where everything suddenly changed, all the rules were tossed out the window, and we had to get used to a totally new reality. So this is a really relevant question. when you’re storing your stuff in a facility you want to know that you’re going to have access to it that you can come and go when you please when you need to and get access to your things add some things take out some things so of course this it depends very much on what we are talking about when we’re talking about a lockdown a lockdown is an extreme situation it’s not an everyday event so of course you will have to check with the particular facilities policy. Now as soon as they’re one of these extreme events, 


usually the self -storage facility will publish their policy regarding if you’re allowed to come in, if you’re allowed to congregate, what kind of entrance they have, if it’s a no -contact entrance like we saw a lot of facilities have in the COVID -19 pandemic, it’ll be easier for them to say you can come and go whenever you please. Sometimes they will have a policy in place for how many people can come or whether you need to make an appointment before you get to the facility. So basically if there is an extreme situation, such as a lockdown, you have to really check before you go. Don’t just assume you can come in and go whenever you please. Pick up your phone, call your facility rep, or go to the website to see what kind of emergency policies the place has, and then you know when you can come, when you can go, and how often you can visit your unit. Thank you so much, Bill, for your question. I hope I helped out. See you next time. 

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