Do I get notified if there’s any request to access my storage unit?

In this Flex TV episode, our Flexpert discusses the notification protocols in place for when there is a request to access your storage unit, whether by a family member, a storage facility employee, or a law enforcement officer. We’ll dive into the types of situations that might warrant access, such as maintenance or legal requests, […]

Will I get notified if there’s any request to access my storage unit? Now obviously privacy is important to all of us. If we’re storing our beloved and important and valuable belongings somewhere else that’s not our home, we want to know that it’s kept not only safe but private. We obviously don’t want anyone one snooping around in there or looking for stuff without our permission so will they get your permission if they need to go inside so basically jake it depends on two things who’s asking for access and what are the circumstances around it exactly so for instance if you’re talking about another person like just maybe a friend a family member or a stranger if they’re requesting access to your storage unit from the storage facility and the storage facility sees that this is not the same person obviously they don’t have the same key to the unit they’re not going to allow it plain and simple the responsibility of storage facility is to keep your stuff safe and private inside their facility until you’re done using it and get your stuff back so if somebody else comes and knock in and asks to go in your unit the answer is no and I’m pretty sure the facility will also call you and let you know hey someone’s been snooping around your unit just so you know however what if the facility needs entrance into your storage unit well in this case there are two possible different circumstances to consider the first one is something like ordinary maintenance maybe they need to fix your door maybe they need to fix a crack in the wall and to do this they need entry into your unit so in this case if we’re talking about something that’s not an emergency they will definitely contact you they will say hey you know we need access to your unit we have to do some maintenance around the facility they will ask for your permission they will let you know maybe they’ll even let you come and watch while they’re doing it so that you’re not freaked out about your stuff however if it’s an emergency like say there’s smoke coming out and they think there might be a fire in there or something like that they will definitely first thing handle the emergency as best they can and they will notify you after the fact and not in advance because in the event of an emergency you really don’t want to spend any time trying to reach someone over the phone and getting their permission they’re going to do what they need to do break down that door whatever get inside and then they’re gonna let you know about it obviously if it was your lock on the outside they had to break it they will reimburse or get you a new lock and then there’s the more extreme scenario what if law enforcement officers ask to go inside your unit and request access well in that case there’s really nothing that facility can do but let them if a law enforcement officer comes to a storage facility with a search warrant obviously without it they can’t ask for it if they come with a search warrant the storage facility has no option other than to comply as they need to and should by law so if that That does happen. They will grant entrance into your storage facility as required by law and by the warrant that they see and will notify you after the fact that some policemen were here and they went through your stuff just so you know. So obviously you don’t wanna store anything prohibited or illegal, but that’s true in any event. So really, really try to avoid that. So Jake, thank you so much for sending over your question.

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