Do moving companies provide temporary storage?

Need to store your items temporarily during a move, while you unpack or renovate? Find out if moving companies provide this service, how long you can store with them, and what you might expect to pay. Our Flexpert explores the availability and terms of temporary storage solutions offered by various movers. Discover the convenience of […]

Do moving companies provide temporary storage? Now Daria, this is a very good question. It’s very important. A lot of us, when we’re moving, we maybe need some extra time. Maybe we need to set up, maybe we want to renovate or remodel our new place, maybe it’s for cleaning and decluttering. In any event, sometimes you move and you just need a few extra days before you move all of your stuff into your new home. So can you get this from a moving company? So the answer for the most part is yes. Most moving companies will offer temporary storage services when they’re moving you from one location to another. Usually the first few days will be free, included in the move price, and then after those few days are up, you’re going to be paying by the day for every day that your stuff remains in storage until you need it at your new place. Well, including on how long you’re going to need the storage for, there’s also the option of booking a portable storage company to do your move with them. That way you can store with them and they will charge you on a monthly basis. So if you know that you’re going to be needing it for a while, say more than two weeks, that’s a good indication to start comparing prices. A portable storage company will usually take anywhere between $150 to $400 a month depending on the duration and the size of storage that you need. So yes, moving companies usually offer temporary storage. It will even be for free for the first couple of days, but then they do start charging by the day. So before you book it, make sure you think real hard on how long you’re going to need it for and then you can compare the prices because sometimes getting a portable storage company to store for longer could be a much better and more affordable solution for you.

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