Do Self Storage Units Have Electricity?

Curious whether self-storage units come equipped with electricity? Lights? Sockets? In this episode of Flex TV, our storage expert addresses this common query. Explore the availability and usage of electricity in self-storage units and understanding the facilities’ provisions for powering electronic devices or appliances. Gain insights into the considerations and potential options related to accessing […]

Today’s question comes to us from Danielle, and Danielle would like to know, Do storage units have electricity? So this is important to some of us who like to visit their storage units, and maybe stay a little extra, do some work, or look for some stuff, and you want to charge your phone, maybe you want to be able to put on some music, maybe you just want to have a light. So, to answer this question, I’m going to divide storage into the three major types. The first type is warehouse storage. In a warehouse, you usually will have electricity. So, usually when you rent a storage unit in a warehouse, you will have a light inside, sometimes you’ll even have an electrical socket, and as a lot of you know, you can usually pay extra to have air conditioning that’s for your climate-controlled storage unit. With portable storage, if you are going to keep it on site, and while it’s portable, it’s usually not going to have electricity. This is because we are talking about storage containers. They’re basically just a metal box, and while they’re outside or on the go, obviously, they have nowhere to get the power from, so there’s no power there. Then there’s the third type. The third type is basically Flex, because we are the only portable storage company that does have electricity in every single unit. Every single Flex storage unit comes with a solar panel mounted on the roof that powers all our various smart sensors like our smart climate control system, GPS, and other security features such as motion sensors, door opening sensors, etc. So I hope I answered your question, Danielle. In short, really, you need to check. Not all storage units will have electricity, and if you know that it’s important to you, ask your rep ahead of time before you book. Thank you so much for joining us.

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