How are pests controlled in storage units?

In this informative episode, our storage expert discusses the various pest control measures implemented in storage facilities to prevent mice, cockroaches, rats, and other potentially harmful creatures from getting in and causing damage. Viewers will learn about the importance of regular inspections, pest-proofing strategies, and the use of non-toxic pest control methods to maintain a […]

¬†Today we have a question from Susan who wants to know, how are pests controlled inside storage units? Well Susan, this is a good question. It’s interesting to a lot of us. After all, we only store the items that we care about and we want them kept safe. That’s the whole point of storage. So obviously we don’t want pests running around. We don’t want it to come back with little rodent nibbles or anything of that sort, of course. So basically, Susan, there are three things that storage facilities can do to avoid pests or have proper pest control. The first thing is general cleanliness. Exactly what it sounds like is just making sure that the facility is clean enough, that people are not leaving food items anywhere, that everything looks sleek, that there’s a regular maintenance cleanliness schedule. And that way, pests won’t be as enticed to come into the storage facility. The second thing storage facilities can do to avoid pests is to make sure that they observe, locate and seal any cracks or any imperfections in the building of the storage units. So that way, even if there are pests, they can’t get inside. And that’s very important. The third thing that storage facilities do to avoid pests and very much should do, and we hope everybody does, is regular pest control. Some will fumigate on a certain schedule, like on a seasonal basis or between tenants. It really depends on the facility. Everyone has their own maintenance and pest control policy. So in conclusion, Susan, these are the ways that most storage facilities use to avoid and control their pest situation in their storage facility. I really recommend before you move any of your stuff into a new storage unit that you call the facility. you ask them about their maintenance and pest control policy the scheduling whether they clean on a regular basis and then you’ll get a bit of a better idea whether they do all of these things whether they really care or whether they kind of let it slide and then you probably don’t want your stuff in there.

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