How Are Storage Units Climate Controlled?

People who care about their belongings, particularly those who have climate-sensitive items to store, always hear that they should opt for climate-controlled storage units. But, how is this actually done, what does it mean, and is it worth the extra cost? Join our Flexpert to find out.

welcome to Flex TV. My name is Hope and I will be answering all of your storage related questions. Today we have a question coming to us from Jake and Jake wants to know how are storage units climate controlled? Well, that is an excellent question because we do see that term everywhere, climate controlled storage units, but what does that actually mean? Well, Jake, it can be divided into several types of climate control. So I’m gonna break it down real quick. The first type is in a regular warehouse storage facility. So the way they make those is they just build the entire building and they divide it into storage units like little rooms. So each of these little rooms that are climate controlled are going to have a vent and a central AC cools all of them and there you have it climate control. The second type is for a lot of those portable storage companies. What they do is they take all the storage containers and put them all in one huge room like a big hanger and that will be air-conditioned room. And there you have it, climate control for portable storage. The most modern solution that’s actually quite exclusive is kind of like what we have here at Flex. What Flex storage has that pretty much nobody else has is portable units that are climate monitored even when they’re outside. How does this work? There’s a solar-powered climate system in each and every unit. So harnessing the power of the sun, there are automatic vents that open and close based on sensors maintaining the optimal storage conditions inside. So Jake, there you have it. Those are the types of climate control that can come in different storage units. Of course we use climate controlled storage units when we want to store something that’s a little bit more sensitive to humidity or heat or cold. Thank you so much for your question Jake.

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