How are storage units protected against natural disasters?

This Flex TV episode is all about ,the protective measures implemented to safeguard storage units from natural disasters. Join to hear our storage expert unravel the strategies employed by storage facilities to mitigate risks associated with unforeseen events such as floods, earthquakes, or storms. Discover the array of protective protocols and features designed to ensure […]

Today I got a question from Robbie who wants to know, how are storage units protected against natural disasters? Now that’s a good question Robbie. A lot of us live in areas that may be stormy, especially rainy, maybe snowy, and we’re worried about these crazy acts of God messing with our stored contents. So what do we do? How do we protect our stuff? Basically we can divide this into two types of storage. we have warehouse storage, which is the classic traditional facility storage, and then we have portable storage. Now when you’re storing in a warehouse, you are storing within walls. So if your unit is internal and not external, and it’s protected by walls, and it’s part of a whole complex with hallways and everything, it’s going to be better protected when it comes to storms like hurricanes or tornadoes. However, when it comes to flooding, which is often the result of storms, you’re gonna have a problem. If your unit is on the first level, on floor level, it’s going to be very susceptible to flooding. Obviously no unit is fully enclosed. You have little cracks and openings, the water can come in, it can totally wreck your stuff. Then we have portable storage units. Portable storage units are flexible and convenient. They’re really good for moving or they’re good for temporary storage. However, when it comes to natural disasters and these acts of God, it’s much harder to protect them. This is because you basically have a container on site that’s open and anything can get in, anything can hit it on the outside, you could be looking at flooding damage, you can be looking at rust, you could be looking at all your stuff getting ruined, and that really sucks. Then we have a third option, just sprung that on you didn’t I? Flex storage, which is like a next-level portable storage option. Why is it next level in this context? Well, for one, all flex storage units are actually elevated off the ground, so this makes flooding much less of an issue. You can have flooding all over and if your unit is elevated off the ground, it’s never gonna touch it, it’s never gonna go in, your stuff is gonna stay perfectly safe. Also, when it comes to storms and rain, flex storage units are the only storage units that are fully insulated, so you’re not gonna get any rain coming in, you’re not going to get any extra cold freezing your stuff or anything like that. So your stuff is going to stay as safe as possible. That being said, Robbie, when it comes to natural disasters, you never know what’s going to happen. It’s very, very hard to prepare. So the most important thing I want to tell you in this video is insurance. Get protection, protect your things, pay a monthly fee, believe me, it will be worth it if it comes to the situation and your stuff is caught in the midst of a storm. That way, you might lose some stuff, but at least you’ll get reimbursed for it.

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