How are storage units ventilated?

When you’re storing the stuff you care about, especially for the long term – you want to know that your storage unit is being properly ventilated, to avoid unpleasantries such as mold or bad odors.  In this Flex TV episode, our storage expert breaks down the various ventilation systems employed in storage units. Learn how […]

Today i got a question from Carol who wants to know how are storage units ventilated now that is an excellent question carol a lot of the times we’ll be storing our items for extended periods of time and we all know that if they’re not properly ventilated it could cause unpleasant smells or any kind of damage to what’s inside you definitely don’t want that so how are storage units ventilated it really depends on the type of storage unit that you get if you’re storing in a warehouse and you get a climate controlled unit then the unit will be constantly ventilated climate control is essentially a central ac unit that is split into the different storage units that way you know that your storage unit is always getting a circulation of air to avoid all these unpleasant smells and other things that could happen if it’s all pent up with no air air circulation. However, if your unit is not climate controlled in a storage unit, it is not actually getting ventilated at all. Storage units are completely closed. There are no windows. So as long as the door is open, there is no air circulation at all and it’s not getting ventilated. So I personally very strongly recommend visiting your storage unit at least once a month, opening up the door and letting some air in for a while so that it doesn’t accumulate any smells or anything anything like that. When it comes to portable storage unit, we are essentially talking about big enclosed metal containers. In that event, just like a storage unit in a warehouse, there is no ventilation as long as that door is closed. So if you want to ventilate your items, again, you need to visit it, open the door, let some air circulate before you close it back, just to avoid all these these things that we talked about about keeping your stuff all stuffed in a room that has no air actually the only solution that combines both portable storage and proper ventilation is flex storage flex storage portable units are equipped with solar powered climate systems and automated vents that operate on and off depending on the level of humidity and temperature inside and and outside of your storage unit. That way you know that your stuff is always getting proper circulation, you’re going to avoid any mold, any unpleasant smells, anything like that. Also, it’s completely insulated and weatherproof, so you know that your stuff stays safe inside. In conclusion, Carol, ventilation really depends on the type of storage unit. If you know you’re not gonna have the option to visit and manually ventilate your storage unit, you’re going to want to get a climate-controlled warehouse unit, it or you’re going to want to get a flex to keep your stuff as safe as possible.

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