How do I change the contact information for my storage unit?

Ever wondered how to update your contact information at your storage facility? In this episode of Flex TV, our storage expert walks you through the simple necessary steps to modify change your contact details if you’ve moved, changed your phone, or wish to be contacted through a different email address. This short video will teach […]

Today I have a question from Tim who wants to know, how do I change my contact information for my storage unit? Well Tim, this is a very straightforward process usually. I’m just going to break it down to some different options. If you have a change of address, a change of phone number, or a change of email, obviously you’re going to want to update your contact information so that your storage facility knows how to contact you and sends the bills to the right place so the first way to do this and usually the most straightforward way is to just pick up the phone and dial your storage facility talk to your rep tell them about your change of contact information it’s usually very simple very easy there’s not a lot you have to do you don’t have to prove anything just tell them hey i moved over to this address or hey i just got a new phone here’s the number i want you to call from now on and they will update it on file easy peasy The second way you can do this if you don’t feel like contacting on the phone is that you can go to the facility’s website and contact them through an online contact form. These are usually found on every single website, every single commercial website. You’re going to insert your contact details. You’re going to fill in your contact details. You’re going to write a short message and just shoot it to the storage facility. The third way is to use email. Email is a tool that a lot of us find the most convenient so if there’s an email address for your storage facility usually info at or support at or anything like that you can send them the email and then you will also have it on file on record and you will have a copy in your own inbox so in conclusion tim if you want to update your contact information simply contact the storage facility in any way you find convenient I personally very much recommend using email as well, even if you’ve talked to them over the phone, that way you have a record, you have a copy in your own inbox, and you can use that to tell them that you’ve done this at a certain date, if there’s any issue with switching the contact details at all in the future.

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